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Got this in Pet show

Liked and shared this toy on my insta! its really cute

Thanks Kevin and team! The gift box is fabulous

Hey Kev! Thanks so much for ur help! The gift box has arrived just in time! My bf and his pup loved it, we play the airmail toy every day and his pup loves it!



My baby loves it!

my doggie loves this postbox! She likes to bite and eat the treats from it!! so funny :)

My dog is having great fun with his Xmas present!

I look forward to more cute selections on the website!

Stains wiped up easily!

My dog doesn’t really like getting his teeth brushed. But he tolerates the smell and I can finally get some of those teeth stains off. They come off rather easily as well. Great product!

It’s pawfect!

Love how thoughtful and on theme the gift box is. It makes a great gift with a mix of cute toys and quality treats. My doggo is very pleased 😂






狗狗自己禮物自己拆!狗狗一見到盒入面全部野都係比佢,即刻笑晒,急住拆禮物。有得食有得玩, best gift to my boy :)!

Awesome idea!

Perfect gift for my dog, and very convenient for the lazy me! The toys are super durable. Highly recommend.

Perfect Gift for my friend moved to UK

Good Quality!! Perfect gift for my friend moved to UK. Hamu loves her own English Breakfast!

perfect gift box!

Got this gift box for my niece’s puppy. Perfect all-in-one box with everything inside! Will come back for gifts for other dog lovers.

Super cute toys and great service!

Ordered this set for a friend’s dog. Friend and dog loved the toys and the treats!! Also got the box very quickly. Recommended this to some friends who got a few boxes too — all of them were very happy with the experience. Will definitely repurchase and explore other boxes! :)

Good gift

I bought this for my friend's dog at the party. I have no idea about dog food, but the dog seems to love this treat. Good gift overall.

Very cute toys and yummy treats

My dog loved the ice cream toys and the treats were equally popular. Can tell they improved the box design and cartoon artwork now to make it prettier...keep up the good work!

Ollie LOVES it!

Bought this box for my friend’s dog Ollie and he absolutely LOVES it! The treats are nutritious and toys are very durable. Wish I could just subscribe so that Ollie can get a new box every other months!

Great gift idea

My dog really loves it and the snacks smell nice. It’s a very good gift idea as it contains both toys and snacks. Very convenient and cute.

Perfect gift box for small/ medium size dogs

Very adorable gift box with super yummy and healthy snacks. My friend’s puppy loves it, the only downside is the toys might be less durable for big dogs.



Good birthday gift for my dog

Bought this gift box for my dog for her birthday. She likes the toys and the food. The birthday book toy is very cute with the cartoon card in the box!