Make Your Own Box!

    Don't like our pre-set dog gift boxes? Make your own here!
    Bundle different toys, treats, pet care products, accessories, clothes & greeting cards to your liking into your Woof² Customized Box!

    Step 1: Select Your Theme Card
                 (at least 1, maximum 1)
    Step 2: Select Your Main Theme Pet Toy
                 (at least 1, maximum 1)
    Step 3: Select Your Complementary Pet Toys
                 (at least 1, maximum 3)
    Step 4: Select Your Pet Treats
                 (at least 2, maximum 3
    Step 5: Select Pet Care Products
                 (maximum 3
    Step 6: Select Pet Accessories & Clothings
                 (maximum 2)
    Step 7: Add A Greeting Card
                 (maximum 1)

    Let the magic happen!