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We are Woof²!

At Woof², we believe that pets are not simply pets, but our lifelong companions and cherished partners. They deserve unconditional love from us. We are dedicated to celebrating the bond between owners and pets.

As a Hong Kong brand, we offer exquisitely designed and functional pet toys that are perfect for expressing your affection for your loved ones, while bringing the toys’ unique Hong Kong cultural elements to life!

Subscription Toy

Every month, you will receive a brand-new originally-designed Woof² toy that we assure will captivate the affections of your beloved pets.

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Subscription Box

Every 2 months, we will send you and your doggo a newly-themed box. Season 1 story revolves around Hong Kong history and local food.

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Customised Box

Make your own here! Bundle different toys, treats,pet care products, accessories, clothes & greeting cards to your liking into your Woof² Customized Box!

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Woof² Dog Party Gift Boxes

Wonderful for dog parties! Birthdays or any other occasions, you name it!

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Want to make your pets happy? It is as easy as that!

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