Our Purpose

We believe that dogs are not just human's pets, but our lifetime partners. They deserve unconditional love from us.
At Woof² HK, we offer pretty gift boxes for your loved ones.

Our Philosophy

It is important to balance between indulgence and health. This is where we come in. At Woof² HK, we create cute & pretty dog gift boxes that are fun, engaging and nutrition-wary.We select tasty treats while considering their nutritional value.
We also strongly encourage the adoption of pets, instead of buying from shops/breeders. There are many stray dogs that are looking for homes in Hong Kong. Our CEO Cici is a very good example.

Our Products

What we offer is simple and convenient for you. More importantly, we want to make your dogs happy! Each of our box has a theme. Typical assortment is 1 main theme toy complemented by 1-3 smaller toys and 2-3 different packs of treats selected by our team. Finally, you get a nutritional fact that we hope you take it away from this purchase forever. Your pets' health depend on you!

Story Time: How It All Started?

Once upon a time, there was a dog owner with an adopted black mixed-breed 7-year-old dog girl called Cici. One time, he was trying to buy his 'daughter' a birthday gift but was struggling to pick and choose. He thought 'Why doesn't Hong Kong have dog gift shops with cute toys?' Additionally, he did not learn about pet nutrition so he did not know how to pick healthy treats. Because of this, he began taking pet nutrition courses and finally started Woof², i.e. this dog gift box shop, in the aim to bring joys to other owners and dogs!


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